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Transforming My Birth Narrative through Donor Milk

Carla Lucia

By Jessica Daviso. Breastfeeding and breast milk donation to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast were actions that transformed the narratives of my pregnancy and childbirth from stories of disappointment and powerlessness into ones of empowerment and triumph. Before my husband and

My Little Sunshine


Donating Through Grief: Gavin, “My Little Sunshine” By Cynthia Connery There will be a time in your life that you question your strength, your faith, and your ability to push through, regardless of how powerful you always thought you were. 

Donating Through Grief: Amy Stebner and Baby Ryder

picture of milk, Amy Stebner and Ryder

There are so many things that people don’t think about when a mother loses her child. One of the things is what she goes through physically, and every story is unique. I personally had a 30-hour labor. The trauma from

Donating Through Grief: Leeona’s Little Life


By Kassie Lee Cook-Herrick This is possibly Leeona’s final gift to our world. She gave every bit of herself that she could. She was able to help the lives of five children with her organs, and she will now gift children

Donating Through Grief: Lucy’s Grace

lucy's mom

Lois shared the story of her daughter Lucy Grace when she learned of the milk bank’s Memorial Quilt, which bears a leaf with the name of every baby whose mother donated milk after loss. This is a most tender time

Donating Through Grief: Amy and Bryson Anderson’s Story

Amy and Bryson Anderson’s hands comforting each other.

Originally posted on October 15, 2015 By Amy Anderson, MMBNE First Bereaved Donor My high school sweetheart and I have been together for more than half of our lives.  We have journeyed through some unexpected storms and stumbled into many

Lakeisha’s Recipient Story

Lakeisha's very cute kids

When I had my daughter in 2009, breastfeeding didn’t go as planned. I had an emergency c-section and some trauma that resulted in her being bottle fed formula before I ever had the chance to put her to my breast.

Joanna R.’s Donor Milk Recipient Story

Joanna R.

A mother’s urge to feed her child is a primal one. Our identical twin daughters, Sasha and Jocelyn, were born at 36 weeks after what appeared to be an uncomplicated pregnancy. Right after their birth, we learned our daughters had