Potential Donors

Express yourself. Share the Health!

Express yourself. Share the Health!

As a healthy, intelligent, dynamic woman, there is often an inner desire to share your strength. This can be done through art, blogging, volunteering—or indeed, your breast pump!

Our donors have a variety of stories. Many of them have healthy, thriving infants. Some have babies that, due to an allergy or protein intolerance, can no longer take previously frozen milk. Others are surrogate mothers or NICU moms. We also have a number of extraordinary women who choose to donate their breastmilk after the loss of their baby. Every story is different. Every precious drop is needed.

We are in need of donors who can Share the Health. Please read through the requirements below, set forth by the Human Milk Bank Association of North America, and see if you may qualify to become a donor.

Donor mothers must be:

  • in good health
  • not regularly on most medications or herbal supplements (with the exception of prenatal vitamins, human insulin, thyroid replacement hormones, nasal sprays, asthma inhalers, topical treatments, eye drops, progestin-only or low dose estrogen birth control products; for other exceptions, please contact a milk bank for more information).
  • willing to undergo blood testing (at the milk bank’s expense)
  • willing to donate at least 150 ounces of milk

A woman is not a suitable donor if she:

  • uses illegal drugs
  • smokes or uses tobacco products
  • has received a blood transfusion or blood products (except Rhogam) in the last 4 months
  • has received an organ or tissue transplant in the last 12 months
  • regularly has more than 2 ounces of alcohol per day
  • has a positive blood test result for HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or C, or syphilis
  • or her sexual partner is at risk for HIV
  • has been in the United Kingdom for more than 3 months (1980-96)
  • has been in Europe for more than 5 years (1980-present)

All donors undergo a screening process that begins with a 10-15 minute telephone interview.
Donated milk is heat processed to remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

If you fit the guidelines above, we need you.  Please contact Morgan or Raechel at donate@milkbankne.org with your phone number included in the email, or call 617.527.6263 extension #3 to initiate the screening process.