Dropping Off Your Milk

Three generations share health.

Three generations Share the Health. Local donors can drop off their milk donations at our new office on 377 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls, MA.

Prepping for drop-off

  • You must be approved as a milk donor with the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast before you begin dropping off milk.
  • Collect at least 100 ounces of frozen milk for your initial milk deposit.
  • Place your milk containers in a plastic bag (e.g., a clean grocery store bag). Enclose a piece of paper with your last name and your donor ID#.
  • Tie the bag with your milk containers tightly and label it clearly with your donor ID# in permanent marker.
  • Place your milk in an ice chest or cooler (ice is not necessary) and drop it off at the Mothers’ Milk Bank or at the depot site nearest you.
  • Note: Before you make the trip, please check whether your depot requires an appointment to drop off milk, and schedule as necessary.

Getting your milk to us

Parker helping his Mom-Ana-Carolina, pack up the milk.

Parker helping his Mom, Ana-Carolina, pack up the milk.

  • Don’t live in the Boston area? We have additional milk depot sites around New England. Please deliver your milk to the milk depot nearest you.
  • Don’t live near any of our milk depot collection sites? Out-of-area donors are provided with boxes and clear directions to ship their milk to us overnight via FedEx express.