Phlebotomy Instructions

Phlebotomy Instructions

Thank you for lending your time and expertise to help complete the screening for the mothers who would like to donate their excess breast milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast (MMBNE). Once we have the results from this test, we will pasteurize and dispense their milk to premature and ill infants throughout the northeast region.

MMBNE accepts milk donors from all over New England and beyond. As a result we work with many phlebotomy labs. Many labs are able to draw our donors’ blood as a courtesy. If this is possible for your lab, we are very appreciative. If it is not possible, please send invoice for services to:

MMBNE, 377 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

Our donor mother has brought with her a blood kit. It includes three vials, a requisition form from the Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) and packing material to send the blood samples to RIBC. Following are instructions for this blood draw. Please:

1.  Write today’s date on the top right of the RIBC requisition form.

2.  Use the 3 blood vials in the blood kit to draw the blood. Fill all 3 tubes completely.

3. There is no need to spin the blood, simply:

4.  Place the bubble wrap envelope into the SafTPak STP-710 white envelope and seal it.

5.  Place the frozen gel pack into the SafTPak biohazard bag.

6.  Insert the white envelope into the biohazard bag and seal.

7.  Place sealed biohazard bag into the SafTPak STP-210 box.

8.  Place the RIBC requisition into the manila envelope.

9. Put the box and the envelope into the pre-paid and pre-labeled  Fed-Ex UN 3373 overpack.

10. If your lab facility has daily Fed Ex Express pick up, it would be most helpful to include the blood kit among the today’s outgoing packages. If your lab does not have Fed Ex Express pick up, the donor will arrange for shipment.


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 617-527-6263 ext. 3. Our office is open from 9:30-3:30 Monday through Friday.

Thank you again for your help in making it possible for our dedicated milk donors to help premature, fragile babies receive the best possible start in their lives.