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Donor Milk is a Bridge to Breastfeeding

photo of milk bottles

Mounting evidence is showing how donor milk helps mothers breastfeed when their babies are premature, their milk is delayed, or they otherwise have difficulty initiating breastfeeding. Mother of twins, Anna Treloar, shared with Fox61 her experience of participating in our

New Hospital Donor Milk Program in CT

Dontated milk group middlesex

The Middletown Press does a great job of explaining the importance of donor milk for babies in level two special care nurseries like the new program at Connecticut’s Middlesex Hospital. The hospital just received its first shipment in late February. Often life-saving for premature

A Year of Matchmaking at the Guilford Depot

Year of Matchmaking photo

By Jan Ferraro, BS, CCE, CLC We could not ask for a more energetic, dedicated advocate of milk donation than Jan Ferraro, who manages our depot in Guilford, CT. On Valentine’s Day, Jan held a milk drive to celebrate the

Young Nurses on a Mission: Starting a Donor Milk Program

Bridgeport nurses

By Jacquelyn Ferraro, BSN, RN, and Megan Murphy, BSN, RN The nurse residency program at Yale New Haven Health-Bridgeport Hospital is a year-long program that helps new graduate nurses learn about hospital services, gain confidence in their new roles, and

Coverage of Connecticut’s First Donor Milk Depot in Guilford

Connecticut’s first donor milk depot has been welcomed by the press with a resounding embrace. Here’s some of the coverage: “Hospitals benefit from state’s first breast milk bank in Guilford,” Fox61, 3/25 “Breastfeeding Mothers Save Sick Babies in Connecticut,” NBC

Grand Opening of First Connecticut Depot

Mom and baby dropping off milk.

Acelleron Medical Products announces grand opening of first Connecticut human milk depot for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast CONTACT: Jan Ferraro jferraro@acelleron.com Acelleron Medical Products announces the opening of the first Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast human milk depot in Connecticut, located

Local Mom Honored During Breastfeeding Week for Helping Fragile Babies

Lindsey who won bag

Stamford, CT; August 3, 2015. In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, Stamford resident Lindsay Dugan Scavone was honored by Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast for donating her breastmilk to fragile babies in need while being employed as a school teacher. World