How to Ship Donor Milk


For approved donors only


Shipping tools

Please leave the Styrofoam container inside the cardboard box. Both will be used for return shipping. Call if any of the following are missing from the packet inside the box:

  1. A FedEx return label addressed to the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.
  2. A sheet of bright yellow “perishable” stickers, several “Keep Frozen” Penguin stickers, one red “U Secure” security strip, 4 plain stickers.
  3. Several clear plastic bags for bundling your milk. Bundling your milk protects against leakage and will help conserve the cold temperature of the frozen milk.
  4. Bright pink Return slip

To Ship Your Milk

Milk is shipped to us via FedEx Express, which means it travels overnight to arrive at the Milk Bank the next day.  Ship the milk on Monday through Thursday ONLY!! We are not here on the weekends to receive milk.

Do not ship milk to arrive on major holidays, or if you are aware of major weather delays on the east coast.  If you have questions about when we are here, please call us at 617.527.6263 ext. 4 before sending your milk.

There are two ways for you to get your milk to FedEx.  If you can conveniently take the packed milk to a FedEx office late in the day, you won’t have to wait for a driver to come to you.  You may also call PeriShip 866-928-6428 to arrange for a package pickup.  Call early on the day you would like to ship out to schedule the pickup. The later in the day they can pick up from you, the less chance your milk will begin to thaw prior to its arrival here. FedEx does NOT provide freezer storage of any kind.

Milk Packing Instructions

Please make sure that the milk you are sending is less than 3 months old if stored in a refrigerator freezer, or less than 6 months old if stored in an independent/chest freezer. We are a non-profit. It costs us money to ship milk that has expired based on our stringent criteria.

The more milk that you put into the box the longer it will stay frozen. Please bundle the containers of frozen milk into the plastic bags provided and tie them shut so that the milk is not loose in the box. Tightly crumpled newspaper will insulate the milk and prevent thawing. Place newspaper into plastic grocery bags and pack above and below the frozen milk in the box, filling all the air space  within the box. Please DO NOT add ice cubes or blocks to the shipping box, EVER. They will actually speed the thawing of your milk.  It is not necessary to add dry ice.

If your box is less than half full, please call us before continuing to discuss the best shipping option.

Sealing and Labeling the Shipping Container

Pack and label the shipping container just prior to shipping. Remove any old shipping labels that are on the outside of the box. The plain stickers provided may be used to cover old labels that are not easily removed if necessary. They may not be needed in every case.

Place the Styrofoam cover snuggly over your bundled milk. Do not tape the Styrofoam lid to the box.

Close the flaps of the cardboard box, and place the red “U Secure” tape over the middle part of the center seam. Then completely secure the cardboard flaps with shipping tape. Affix the FedEx label over the old label, away from any folds or seams. Affix one yellow “Perishable” label to each side and top of the shipper. Affix “Keep Frozen” Penguin stickers to the top and sides of the box. Your precious milk is now ready for FedEx!

Thank you so much for taking the time to become a donor! The Mother’ Milk Bank Northeast and its milk recipients appreciate your efforts and generosity.

Questions? Please call us at 617-527-6263 ext. 307 or email