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Welcome to the milk bank family. We appreciate every opportunity to hear from and connect with our incredible milk donors and recipients. Thank you for considering sharing your story.

The crucial importance of Donor milk . . .

As you may know, donor milk is often the optimal short-term source of safe nutrition when a maternal milk supply is not available. It is frequently used:

  • For medically fragile babies, donor milk is trusted by doctors to safely guard against certain medical complications while being digestible and packed with nutrients.
  • For families who are dedicated to breastfeeding but require some initial supplementation while maternal milk supplies are developing, donor milk is shown to lead to successful breastfeeding outcomes, leading to significant health benefits for mom and baby.

Our work relies on the generosity of parents who have more breastmilk than their baby needs to grow and thrive. More rarely, we receive milk from bereaved parents who donate their milk in honor of their child’s life.

As more and more hospitals and medical professionals recognize the many benefits of donor milk, we need to extend our outreach efforts to encourage compassionate milk donation, thus ensuring all the future babies who need donor milk are able to receive it.

Sharing your story can help us reach potential milk donors and encourage supporters to keep a consistent flow of milk to babies who require it. Please click below to tell us about your experience receiving or donating milk to help us help babies in need:

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For those who want to learn more . . .

Donor milk may not be something that you knew much about before your baby arrived. Similarly, you may want to share information with a friend or family member. Click through below to learn more about:

Our milk bank also relies of generous financial support to keep the milk flowing. Please consider making a donation to help us save and support little lives.

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