Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Vision Values


Mission: Every baby deserves the chance to thrive. Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast supports family and community health and provides equitable access to safe, lifesaving pasteurized donor human milk. 


We envision healthy communities strengthened by support for families and universal access to human milk beginning at birth. 


  • Equity: We are committed to expanding access and prioritizing those most in need 
  • Safety:  We protect infant health through adherence to the highest standards of screening, processing, and pasteurization as well as the ethical sourcing of donor milk 
  • Science: Our decision making is driven by scientific evidence based on the latest research 
  • Care: We interact with all who are touched and influenced by our work – families, babies, milk donors, financial donors, community and medical partners, and team-members — with compassion and respect  
  • Public Health: We promote healthier communities by supporting infant nutrition and breastfeeding 
  • Education: We raise awareness of how pasteurized donor human milk saves lives, improves children’s long-term health, and supports breastfeeding  

Key Supporters

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