Order Milk

Order Milk For Your Baby

Order Milk For Your Baby

Donor milk is a limited medical resource. Parents may order first time up to 15 bottles without a prescription. Subsequent orders are a maximum of 10 bottles once a week when supplies allow.

First Time Orders: This option is for first time outpatient purchasers only.  It does not require a prescription and has a purchase maximum of 15 bottles.

Repeat Orders: This option is for repeat purchasers. A maximum of 10 bottles per week (when supplies allow) may be ordered with a prescription.

We urge you to consider supporting our milk bank through milk or financial contributions if you are ever able to do so. Your generous support will enable future growth so that donor milk is more widely available.

Outpatient Donor Milk Dispensaries

Families who live near Northampton, MA; Glastonbury, CT; Lewiston, ME; Portland, ME; Belmont, NH; Lebanon, NH; or Essex Junction, VT may be able to pick up milk at one of our donor milk dispensaries. To learn more, visit our Donor Milk Dispensaries page. If you would like to pick up milk at any of our dispensaries please contact them directly.

Safe Milk Requires a Processing Fee

Using a HMBANA-certified milk bank like Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is the best way to ensure that your donor milk is safely screened, processed and distributed. There is a charge for pasteurized donor human milk because of the process that makes it safe—thorough screening of donors, testing, pasteurizing, and careful shipping.

Financial Assistance

When we have the capacity to serve outpatients, we offer financial assistance through our CARES (Critical Access Resource Equity Subsidy) and our GIFT (Growing Infants For Tomorrow) Programs. If your baby has a prescription for donor milk and you are facing financial difficulties, please click here to learn more about these programs.

Insurance Coverage

If your baby is already home, then you must purchase the milk yourself. Although it is rare, health insurance occasionally covers some or all of the cost, so we encourage you to call your company to request coverage. For military families, TRICARE covers donor milk from HMBANA milk banks for certain conditions, when prescribed by a TRICARE-authorized provider. Currently Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Oregon, Louisiana, Kentucky and Washington, DC have Medicaid and/or insurance mandates or coverage provisions. Advocacy for coverage in other states is ongoing.

Medical Professionals

To order donor milk for a hospital, see our resources for medical professionals

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