Prescribing Donor Milk

A limited medical resource, donor milk is primarily prescribed for medically fragile babies when mom’s own milk isn’t available. The majority of our recipients are hospitalized pre-term or critically ill infants who depend on the optimal nutrition, easy digestibility and infection fighting components of human milk.

While the demand for donor milk is rapidly growing, we are working hard to keep pace. Knowing that breastmilk provides significant health benefits for all babies we will continuously strive to serve as many families as we can.

After first meeting the needs of our most medically fragile babies we are both able and happy to help those being cared for at home.

Outpatient families are able to order up to ten 100ml bottles of donor milk without a prescription. All orders after that require a prescription from the baby’s physician. Please note that donor milk should be prescribed as a short-term bridge to another longer-term full feeds plan, except in very rare medical circumstances.

To place a first time or repeat milk order please click here.

We appreciate your support and want to thank our hero donors again for everything they do to care for our tiniest community members.


NOTE: Ordering donor milk for a hospital is a separate procedure. Please contact our Orders Department at 617-527-6263 x4 to inquire

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