Donate Breast Milk

Donate breastmilk to help medically fragile and premature infants not only survive but thrive

Four easy steps to donate breast milk:

  1. Complete a 15-minute phone screening.
  2. Fill out forms.
  3. Get a blood test (we pay for it).
  4. Make arrangements with us for delivery of your breast milk (at no cost to you).

Our screening usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

You are probably eligible to donate if:

  • You are in good health.
  • You have breast milk that is truly extra, or cannot be used by your baby (bereaved and surrogate mothers are welcome to become breast milk donors).
  • Your breast milk was put in the freezer within 96 hours of being pumped.
  • You are only using medications, herbal supplements, or other supplements approved for use by milk donors. Include those meds on the secure pre-screening form and we’ll get back to you about them.
  • You are able to donate a minimum of 100 ounces (there is no minimum for bereaved donors).

You are not eligible to donate breast milk if:

  • You have or are being treated for HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or C, or syphilis.
  • You or your sexual partner is at risk for HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or C, or syphilis.
  • You have used recreational drugs in the past year, including cannabis.
  • You smoke or use tobacco products.
  • You drink alcohol daily.

Ready to help medically fragile & premature infants not only survive but thrive?

Questions? Call us at 617-527-6263 x3 or email us.

Right now call volume is high, so please allow two business days for a response.

When emailing Donor Intake, please include:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Whether you already have breast milk stored for donation
  • Any questions you have

When we speak by phone, please be prepared to tell us any medications or herbal supplements you are taking (or were taking while pumping).

More questions?  Please contact us, or check out our Milk Donor FAQs.

Generosity comes in many forms, and not everyone is able to donate milk. Please consider making a financial donation to support our mission.

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