We welcome volunteers of all ages and experience levels as valued members of the milk bank team, working together to serve the tiniest, neediest babies. Some people volunteer once or twice a week, some occasionally, and others for a focused period of time while working on a special project. We also welcome groups from companies and schools.

“All the staff and volunteers are really fun people!” – Louise

“The milk bank is my respite place, where the quiet atmosphere of good people doing an important job instills a deep sense of peace and calm in me while I am there.” – Linda

“I love volunteering at the milk bank because I get to be with amazing women, and do meaningful work that helps so many people. It is a highlight of my week!” – Melanie

Interested in volunteering?

( Please fill out the form.)

or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

You could participate in tasks for one or more of the following departments:

  • Administration (filing bills and invoices)
  • Laboratory (labeling, creating bin cards, creating sample bags for trays, etc.)
  • Donor Screening (addressing envelopes, making fax packets, filing, etc.)
  • Client Relations (creating a variety of packets)
  • Community Relations (creating a variety of packets and stuffing envelopes)

Volunteering outside of the main office:

You don’t need to live near the milk bank to volunteer! We could use your help at one of our depots.

If you have ideas for new ways to help let us know so we can consider them!

Our sincerest gratitude to Cooley LLP for pro bono legal assistance in 2021.