Share Your Story

Thank you for Sharing the Health!

The northeast is known for its great colleges and universities which populate our region with well-educated, dynamic alumnae. Retired milk donors and recipients are our biggest advocates! Some of you have given your most precious resource to babies in need; others have witnessed the life-giving power of milk first-hand by receiving that “love in a box.” All of you are knowledgeable about our work and passionate about helping fragile babies live. You are our best ambassadors for getting us the milk we need in order to help fragile babies not simply survive, but thrive.

Spread the word!

As a retired milk donor or recipient, you are uniquely qualified to:

  • Give a talk for your local church/civic/social/moms’ group
  • Pass out pamphlets to your (and your baby’s) healthcare providers
  • Write an op-ed article or letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Distribute materials at your workplace
  • Share on our website
  • Make a video and post it to YouTube.
  • Write an article for the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast newsletter
  • Write about us on your blog
  • Tweet about milk banking or retweet Mothers’MilkBankNE (@MMBNorthEast).
  • Connect with us on our Facebook page.

And that’s just a start! We welcome and encourage new and creative ideas for spreading the word about the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.

If you are a former or “retiring” donor and you would be willing to share your experience with other potential donors in a variety of settings, please contact our Donor Intake Team at

Angel Donors

Some bereaved parents choose to donate their milk after their child’s passing. Such a gift represents a tremendous amount of effort, courage and love.

We at MMBNE would like to honor and thank those families from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that the impact your child’s life will have on so many other babies’ well-being can be a source of both pride and solace to you. If you would like to share your story, please contact our Donor Intake Team at


While we realize that your schedules may be rather packed, we would still love to hear how you and your little one (or two, or more…) are getting along!  If you would like to share your story, please contact our Donor Intake Team at

For stories already submitted to us by our wonderful Donors and Recipients click here for our News and Events blog.