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Help fragile babies in need by donating milk

Every precious drop counts

Demand is growing and so are we. Every dollar helps a family in need. Donate now.


We are a nonprofit milk bank providing pasteurized donor human milk to fragile babies throughout the Northeast.


bereaved milk donor

On Loss, Loneliness, and Sharing Baby Bennett’s Gift

A Profound Loss . . . For Savannah and Justin, losing their beautiful baby Bennett at 31 weeks was unfathomable. How does a parent even begin to process such a profound loss? How does a parent find a way to say goodbye to someone they have been so eagerly waiting to meet, someone who had […]


A Neonatal Dietitian donates her milk to babies in need

Twenty Minutes With A Neonatal Dietitian Working In The NICU

Neonatal Dietitian, mother, milk donor, baker extraordinaire and so much more . . . Charna Simon, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC, a Neonatal Dietitian caring for some of the most vulnerable infants at Massachusetts General Hospital, has lived in the Boston area since college. Today, in honor of March being National Nutrition Month, this hardworking mom, […]


Black Activist Ashley Mitchell

Breast-feeding, Black Moms & Breaking A Generational Cycle 

Breast-feeding and Black Moms . . . “I recently marked 19 months of breast-feeding my son, and I feel an overwhelming sense of joy: I am breaking a generational cycle. And a cultural one, too.”   Local to Boston? Follow us on Instagram? Then you may have read (or heard us raving about) Ashley Mitchell’s […]


Baby Anthony as a premature baby in hospital and as a well baby after

Baby Anthony, born at 24 weeks. Now thriving, thanks to donor milk. Make a difference for babies like Anthony.