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Help fragile babies in need by donating milk

Every precious drop counts

Demand is growing and so are we. Every dollar helps a family in need. Donate now.


We are a nonprofit milk bank providing pasteurized donor human milk to fragile babies throughout the Northeast.


Pumping & paying it forward - speaking with milk donor, Andrea Doyle

Pumping & Paying It Forward

Pumping and paying it forward! Speaking with and sharing milk donor Andrea’s story . . . On those New England roots . . . I’m originally from New Hampshire but have lived in Concord, Massachusetts with my husband, Mike, since 2015. In addition to being a proud mom to my 17 month old, Ailis, I […]


Brazil and world human milk donation day

Brazil & World Human Milk Donation Day

May 19 is celebrated annually as World Human Milk Donation Day. Originating in Brazil in 2004, this day was created to promote the importance of donating human milk to non-profit milk banks. Needless to say, this is a holiday we’re extremely passionate about. With that in mind, we’re sharing a few little known facts about milk banking […]


Black Lactation Consultant

We Need More Black Lactation Consultants

The need for more Black lactation consultants . . . Danielle (Dani) Freeman is the only private practice Black lactation consultant in Connecticut. The only one. And she doesn’t want it to stay that way. “We have to make sure there are more options. Just me? That’s not fair for families.” According to a 2019 report […]


Premature Twins Maddie and Henry

We’re so thankful Maddie and Henry were able to get the donor milk they needed in our darkest hours and their earliest days. We truly believe it’s what helped them grow (from 3lbs to 20lbs) and thrive so quickly .” ~ Katie, mom of Maddie & Henry

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