Mothers Are Driving Force Behind New Hampshire Donor Milk Depot

Cutting the ribbon at the new depot in New Hampshire

Thirty excited mothers gathered with lots of boisterous children plus hospital staff members for the opening of Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast’s third New Hampshire donor milk depot. North Conway’s Memorial Hospital is our 17th collection point for donor milk in the northeast region.

Community’s moms wanted to donate

Michelle Meader, RN, CLC, CBE, who leads Memorial’s weekly breastfeeding support group, started the depot because the community’s moms wanted to donate milk for the neediest babies. “Our mothers in the Mount Washington Valley recognize how important breastmilk is to ALL babies,” says Michelle. ““I am so very proud of the moms in the valley that have worked hard in establishing their milk supply and have felt compelled to donate as well. This is not an easy task and these mothers should know how appreciated their efforts are. Together, we are diligently pressing forward to ensure every baby who needs human milk has access to it.”

Michelle held the ceremonial ribbon along with Ethnee Garner, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services. Milk donor Erin Power, an emergency room nurse at the hospital, cut the ribbon together with Cynthia Cohen, the milk bank’s Director of Client Relations.

Milk goes to the tiniest and most fragile infants

Cynthia was impressed by the dedication and commitment of the moms and the hospital staff who made this depot a reality. “Most of the milk processed at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast goes to the tiniest and most fragile infants in neonatal intensive care units,” said Cynthia at the opening event. “Donating your milk to our depot will help save babies’ lives.  It’s incredibly inspiring to see so many mothers sharing their milk out of the kindness of their hearts. Memorial Hospital’s depot is not only a collection site, but a wonderful resource to families to learn about donating and receiving human milk.”

Memorial Hospital’s community enthusiasm and breastfeeding culture

Additional attendees from the hospital included lactation consultants, nurses, and senior administrators. The event was hosted in a welcoming community space next door to the hospital’s main building. In an effort to prepare for the long-awaited rush of participation, the hospital immediately ordered extra boxes for shipping!

Memorial Hospital’s extensive breastfeeding support program has led to impressive breastfeeding rates at the hospital, as well as a strong breastfeeding culture in the community, as reflected in coverage of the depot opening on NH1 News.

Big Group Shot

The North Conway depot is located at Memorial Hospital’s Main Street Professional Building, on Route 16 across from Delaney’s. Screened donors can call the OB/GYN department, 603-356-5461 x2146 to schedule a drop-off.  Screening to become a milk donor is an easy four-step process.