First Outpatient Donor Milk Dispensary to Open in NH

donor milk in freezer

On December 5th, our first outpatient donor milk dispensary will open in Belmont, NH at LRGHeathcare’s Caring for Kids pediatric practice.  At this community location, a family whose baby has a prescription for donor milk can fill the prescription and take home the milk. Currently, babies in 11 New Hampshire hospitals can receive donor milk while hospitalized. However, once a baby leaves the hospital, if the baby still needs milk, the family must order the milk to be shipped from Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast in Newton, MA.  This new donor milk dispensary will expand access to donor milk for families in New Hampshire.

“We are proud to partner with Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast to be able to provide this unique service for parents and newborns,” states Susan Coulter, MD, Medical Director for Caring for Kids. “Breast milk is the optimal nutrition for infants, and donor milk can provide a bridge to successful breast feeding when a new mother may be facing challenges in establishing her own milk supply. We are excited to be offering this valuable service to help support the best nutrition for babies, and peace of mind for parents.”

Read LRGHealthcare’s Press Release for the event, linked below:

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