Pumpspotting Breast Express Visits Milk Bank

Pumpspotting Breast Express

It was a typical Monday morning at the milk bank, until you caught a glimpse of a colorful 40-foot RV parked out front. That’s right—the Pumpspotting Breast Express, a luxurious nursing and pumping suite on wheels, stopped by here on June 3 as part of a nationwide tour.

Pumpspotting is a social app helping moms nurse, pump, and connect with other moms. The Pumpspotting Breast Express (lovingly known as “Barb” to her drivers) makes stops at breastfeeding-friendly locations, where moms and babies can hop on board, nurse, pump, chat, grab a snack, and get lactation support.

We brought in some community partners to offer fun educational events while the Breast Express was parked here. Kat from Bay State Babywearers helped moms learn how to use their baby carriers. Dr. Kate Engelhardt of Corrective Chiropractic offered tips to new moms on healthy ways to adjust to their postpartum bodies and carry their growing babies. Mira Whiting Photography offered pop-up photo mini-sessions for moms and babies. And milk bank staff members offered breastfeeding support, a milk donation Q&A session, a lab tour, and some special giveaways courtesy of Sarah Wells Bags.

The first two moms to board the Breast Express were sisters (holding baby cousins) who had followed the tour’s progress and were thrilled the RV finally made it to Massachusetts! We also welcomed a milk donor who dropped off her first milk donation, a lactation consultant intrigued by this mobile method of supporting moms, and numerous other curious and excited visitors.

To learn more and follow the Breast Express’s cross-country tour, follow @pumpspotting and visit pumpspotting.com.