Help Us Name Our Freezer | Thank you ProHealth Physicians

Help us name our freezer

Thank you ProHealth Physicians for our new freezer!

Will you help us name it?

As a nonprofit human donor milk bank, we are in the business of feeding vulnerable babies. Like all food, donor milk must be properly stored to ensure it is safe. That is why ProHealth Physicians donation to help us purchase a shiny new chest freezer is cause for celebration here at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast. ProHealth is a community based group of primary care doctors in Connecticut. They have a milk depot and CT’s first milk dispensary in one of their pediatric offices. They just supplied us with over 3,500 oz of milk for world breastfeeding week

At Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, we are unusually attached to our equipment. Perhaps this is because we are acutely aware of the important role each item plays in the milk’s journey—from a generous milk donor to the tiny baby who benefits from a healthy and nourishing meal. 

So, a lot of our equipment have names. We have names like Rumina and Bryson, named after two babies who passed away and their bereaved moms donated milk in their honor. We have silly names like Chesty and names like Halav, the Hebrew word for milk. 

Our newest chest freezer is yet to be named. Will you help us? Please send us an email with your name suggestion and a sentence or two about why you think it’s a good name. We would love to hear from you. We will share the new name on social and in our newsletter.