Will YOU Help Us Serve Fragile Babies? 

Will YOU Help Us Serve Fragile Babies?  

We need your charitable donation now! 

Will you help us serve fragile babies like Sarah?
Baby Sarah, a GIFT recipient

Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is a nonprofit organization. This means that our mission, to serve the most medically fragile babies, drives everything we do. We exist because babies need us to exist. But we can’t exist without support from people like you. 

As a nonprofit, we do a lot with a little. In 2021 we distributed over 600,000 ounces of lifesaving human donor milk. In 2022, demand is rising. The formula crisis and deepening understandings of the important health benefits of human milk has led to more families and physicians seeking critical access to donor milk. Access that can be lifesaving. 

We stand at the ready to meet this demand, but we can’t do it without your help. We need funding to increase our education work and introduce milk donation to moms who might be able to assist. We need additional funds for the GIFT program (Growing Infants for Tomorrow), which subsidizes milk access for our lowest income families. We need additional equipment and technology to grow our operations and provide the additional milk supplies that our families need and deserve. 

In 2022 we need to raise $100,000 before the year ends. Will you join us?  

  • A gift of $100 allows us to provide enough milk for 60 feedings for premature newborns.  
  • A gift of $500 subsidizes milk for a baby whose family needs financial support  
  • A gift of $1,000 helps us grow our operation and serve more families 

Please give today.