New Freezer Name Revealed! 

New Freezer Name Revealed! 

Revealed: Last month we announced a contest to name our new freezer, generously donated by ProHealth Physicians. Our other freezers have names connected to our mission.  Some are silly like “Chesty”, and some honor babies who passed away, and whose mothers donated milk in their memory. Some represent the rich diversity of our donors like our freezer “Halav”, named for the Hebrew word for milk. 

At Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, we are unusually attached to our equipment. Perhaps this is because we are acutely aware of the significant role each item plays in the milk’s journey—from a generous milk donor to the tiny baby who benefits from a healthy and nourishing meal. We wanted to be sure this newest freezer had a name that spoke to the process we go through to get this precious donor milk to babies in need. 

As we sifted through the entries, one popped out as speaking to a part of the milk donation process that was not already represented among the other names of our freezers – how the milk gets from your freezer to ours.  

This past August, in a revved-up celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, Bikers for Babies from the women’s motorcycle club Moving Violations along with Dr. Ben Alvarez, Prohealth’s President and CEO, transported thousands of ounces of donated breastmilk to the Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast on their motorcycles.  

In honor of that work, we are naming this newest freezer Harley! We are excited to fill Harley with milk from our amazing donors and get it to fragile babies who need it. Harley will help keep that milk safe as it travels on its journey from donor to lab to a baby’s tummy.  

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted name suggestions!  

New Freezer Name Revealed! 

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