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Introducing Baby Booty® . . .

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you’ve heard us talk about Baby Booty® before. Originally from Newton, MA, founder and mom-of-two, Molly Brubaker had recently welcomed her first baby (daughter Ella, now 2.5) when she began offering in-person and virtual workouts for both new and pregnant moms.

While there’s nothing particularly new about this, there was and still is a little something different about Molly’s classes. A certified group, pregnancy and postpartum fitness instructor, Molly welcomes parents and their little ones. Baby-wearing mom’s working the weights while others lunge alongside their smiling toddlers? A common sight in any class but not (surprisingly!) what makes the brand truly unique – or successful.

So much more than a kid-friendly sweat session, Baby Booty® is a community. A community where parents and their littles are welcomed, supported and given the space to thrive both physically and mentally. In fact, it’s this very sense of camaraderie that provided the catalyst for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast getting to know and ultimately partner with Molly to create what might just be the cutest (and softest!) t-shirt. Even better yet? This one actually benefits fragile infants relying on our donor milk to protect their health . . .

Let’s talk Baby Booty® and the inspiration behind that?

What Baby Booty® is today isn’t what I was trying to create. I simply wanted to work out and have my baby there because I didn’t have another option. That said, I didn’t want to have to focus solely on her. Pre having babies I loved barre, Pilates, and spinning. I didn’t want to lose those physical outlets that also helped me mentally.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to “test” the original Baby Booty® class at the barre studio I frequented in Portland, Salud. It quickly became apparent that the class wasn’t just about the workout, but the social connection. It was what so many of us brand-new parents were craving. We had one class a week on Thursdays at 10:00AM and always went out for coffee afterwards. Eventually, that social circle became baked into the class and it’s now the heart of all our classes.

Baby Booty® has been a huge success. Why do you think that is?

Baby Booty® is our time to figure out our needs as parents. Yes, our kids are there (and having a blast), but they aren’t the focus. The focus is building our mental and physical strength from pregnancy through postpartum – and beyond! It’s about not feeling so alone. It’s about giving you a place to go, to feel like both you and your baby belong.

We want to be whatever you need. So, whether that’s a place to exercise, meet fellow moms, share your challenges, burn some of that toddler energy or simply get out of the house, we’ve got you. Let’s be real, we want to be around parents going through the same sh*t. Parents being open about the gritty, stressful stuff. We want to be able to be vulnerable and still feel supported – or at least heard. 

We still want every Baby Booty® class to feel like a workout, the kind you did before having kids. A studio that is welcoming but geared towards adults. It’s your escape from a house filled with toys, laundry piles, dishes and more – you know what I’m talking about! I want moms to feel like they’re coming to hang out with friends. Of course, you’re no longer talking about the “hot bartender,” but how your toddler pooped on the hotel floor and then rubbed it on the wall . . . eheh.

You’re a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur. How do you find time for it all?

I don’t. It’s hard to find that balance and I know I don’t have it. I try to always put my kids first, but I can’t switch off my business brain. I try to think about my mental health and stress levels to figure out what I can change. For instance, I knew I didn’t have the same desire to breastfeed with my second baby. We quickly began switching things up, and I have no regrets. 

Naturally, I try to integrate motherhood and Baby Booty®. I see how the socialization has benefited Ella who’s been coming to class since she was 4 months old. She helps me teach and loves it. I often imagine telling her about all the lives we’ve touched and the brand we built together, mom and daughter. 

Originally, the class was only for babies who could be worn in a carrier. As my baby grew, I realized the need to have options for toddlers and those with multiple kids. I now have a 6-month-old, Beau, and I often have both kids in class. It can be wild in our classes – babies crawling, toddlers running – but we make it work. This is how I’m able to run a business and be a mom. Right now, I’m holding Beau and typing this one handed.

Of course, I also want to shout out my team of instructors. They all bring their unique perspectives on motherhood to their classes and offer so much to our clients. The same is true of their teaching styles and the various support they provide. With 15+ classes per week, this team is our how.

Is there one key piece of advice you’d offer new or expecting moms wanting to regain strength and feel their best? 

Don’t expect to ever look the same as you did pre-baby. I don’t believe in “bouncing back.” You birthed a human and your body is badass, but it will forever be different. I like to think your body is inherently stronger from the marathon of pregnancy and birth. You may not recognize or feel comfortable in your body but give yourself grace and respect. Birth is an accomplishment and I hope you can love or come to love your new stronger body. 

Baby Booty® can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, but we hope you recognize the physical is just a small part of recovering and regaining your strength – so much is mental. 

Anything exciting in the works for Baby Booty®?

Yes, we have a new studio opening in November at 88 Bridge St. in Dedham, MA! We will have daily classes, workouts, yoga (including prenatal specific), social circles, stroller walks, workshops, events and more. We welcome all parents and caregivers as well as little ones from 5 weeks to 4 years old – classes are also pregnancy friendly. We’ve partnered with a bunch of local service providers catering to parents to provide discounts for Unlimited Baby Booty Members. You can learn more at or on Instagram at @babybootyworkout

You used donor milk with your first daughter. Can you tell us a little more about that?

In the hospital, I was told by a nurse I had what she called “flat nipples” and would have trouble breastfeeding. It struck me as a very blunt or rude comment, but regardless of that, I did have a hard time getting Ella to latch. After working with three lactation consultants, we were finally in business, but breastfeeding didn’t come easy.

Having such a hard time getting Ella to latch in those initial weeks, I was completely overwhelmed by stress – I was in a state of panic almost the entire time. Thankfully, I was told about and ordered donor milk relatively early on. We supplemented with donor milk from Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, and I ultimately breastfed for 6 months. Looking back, I wish I had known that feeding at the breast isn’t always best or even possible. It was such an overwhelmingly stressful I tell friends and Baby Booty® clients to know and really consider their options. 

Was the concept of donor milk new to you / how did you feel about it?

Honestly, I was a little “weirded out” by the thought of using someone else’s milk. I had never heard of it before giving birth – or even considered that I may not be able to breastfeed. That said, we’re so thankful to have had access to donor milk – even just knowing it was an option for feeding my baby was hugely comforting. (Psst! here at the milk bank, we totally get it! That’s why we’ve created what we like to call your milk banking cheat sheet – let us know your thoughts!)

What inspired you to create this t-shirt / fundraiser for the milk bank?

Baby Booty has a private community Facebook page and one mom posted that her supply was dwindling. She was looking for someone to share. Within minutes three moms responded that they had extra and could bring it to her. It touched me. We are babes who support babes – both mamas and the little ones.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew before becoming a mother? 

No one knows what they’re doing – at least not with the first! We put too much pressure on ourselves, convinced we are being judged by other parents for our choices.  

Any words of wisdom or comfort, you’d like to share with your fellow moms?

You probably think I’d say, “you’ve got this”, but honestly if you don’t “have it” that’s okay too. Parenting is hard. I don’t know if it gets easier, but it’s okay to “fail” some days.  

Finally, what’s your greatest guilty pleasure?

True crime podcasts when both kids are napping in the car. I’m also running the Maine Half Marathon this weekend and I’ve loved running without a stroller!

Babes Support Babes! Want to get your hands on that super cute, super soft, and super limited edition fundraising t-shirt we mentioned? Simply click here. And remember, the holidays are just around the corner – make of that what you will! Interested in setting up your own fundraiser? We’d love that! Feel free to email Kate.

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