Together, We Can Bring Fragile Babies Home

Twin babies and NICU warriors, Maddie and Henry

Maddie & Henry . . .

Some NICU stories end happily while others end in tragedy. Thankfully, because of supporters like you, Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is able to help more families bring their babies home, babies like Maddie and Henry. 

Katie and Sean knew that having twins put Katie’s pregnancy in a high-risk category, but they never expected to fear for their babies’ survival. 

At 37 weeks, doctors discovered that Henry was tracking at more than 7lbs. while sister Maddie was just over 3lbs. A C-section was immediately scheduled.

24 anxiety-filled hours later, the babies made their debut. Sadly, however, the family would not spend those first precious hours together. In fact, it would be weeks before they all reunited at home. Katie and Sean would only get to give their tiny babies a quick kiss before both fragile babies were rushed to the NICU. Maddie was very low birth weight and Henry was having difficulty breathing.

Fortunately, thanks to our generous community of supporters who ensure that donor milk is available for infants in need, this NICU story does have a happy ending.

Medically fragile infants and the lifesaving role of donor milk . . .

Recovering and overwhelmed, Katie was still building her milk supply when the doctor recommended donor milk. Knowing premature and medically fragile babies require human milk to protect their health (studies show it vastly reduces their risk of developing life-threatening medical conditions) she chose to supplement with pasteurized donor human milk from Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.

Today, Maddie and Henry are healthy, happy, and polar opposites. Both parents credit the donor milk received in the NICU with their growing from 3lbs to 20lbs (and beyond!) so quickly. 

This year, give the gift of hope to babies in need . . .

This year, the 12,000 families already served by Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast all have their own story of gratitude for the gift of survival. In the year ahead, we anticipate a 15% increase in the number of families relying on the milk bank for the health and survival of their infants. They are counting on your support.

All babies deserve access to safe donor human milk. All babies deserve a chance to come home. Today, your gift can help ensure that they do. Let’s bring them home.

Last year we provided more than 1.5 million essential feedings for babies like Maddie and Henry. With your gift today, we can help more parents bring their little one’s home.

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