The Inadequacy Of Thank You

The Inadequacy Of Thank You - Smiling Baby

The Inadequacy of Thank You . . .

One mom told me, “Our twins were born very early. I can’t tell you how terrifying those early days were. We needed our babies to be ok. They both needed donor milk. What would we have done without you? Thank you isn’t enough . . . ”

Like this grateful mom, I also feel the inadequacy of thank you. How can I convey how impactful, vital, and transformational, the gifts of 2023 were?

We ended the year stronger than the year before, and the year before that, and so on. Together we are building the next generation milk bank while simultaneously nourishing new babies every day. Together are helping to safely feed and grow this special place – and these precious little lives!

Making strides . . .

We rely on so many versions of generosity, each one critical to our mission. Financial contributions are what enable us to build upon our solid foundation and develop a milk bank that responds to the needs of babies today.

Our facility has to expand to pasteurize more milk and fit all the freezers we need to keep that liquid love flowing. Our pasteurization lab needs new equipment to run more efficiently. Meanwhile, our educational work needs to grow so everyone able to donate milk understands the value of this gift. Similarly, our partnerships need to expand and be re-imagined so people who historically have not been able to access donor milk are now better able to.

We have made huge strides in all these areas in 2023, thanks to you. And with the support you have provided, there is so much more we are poised to do in 2024. 

A stronger milk bank – because of you . . .

Thank you to every one of you for the caring gift you made. Extra loud shout out to investors who offered matching gifts to build momentum and make each dollar go further. Knowing that you have our back gives us the reassurance and the confidence to keep moving forward, to build the milk bank that every baby deserves. A milk bank that ensures that no baby who requires donor milk will have to compromise. 

You are our milk bank. I’d love to hear from any and all of you. What matters most to you? Where do you think we should focus our attention? How else might you want to get involved in this work? We all share the same goal, to help more babies grow and live life to the fullest. Together we are making it a reality.

Thank you. Truly.

We’d like to give a special milk bank thank you to our generous donors who provided the funds for our matching gifts. These donors include The Aria Covey Foundation, Charlene Stern-Dombal and Jonathan Dombal, Read McCarty and Eileen Gay, Nancy Sun and Giuliano Amantini, and Matt and Jen Hohenboken.

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