National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week 2022

Public Health and Milk Banks

By Deborah Youngblood, PhD, Executive Director The first week of April is National Public Health Week, a time for everyone to reflect on the importance of healthy communities. Prior to being... More > about Public Health and Milk Banks

Is Milk Exchange Normal?

Edited from original 2016 post, updated for 2018 National Public Health Week.   As we have discussed in our previous National Public Health Week blogs, breastfeeding... More > about Is Milk Exchange Normal?

Imagining Breastfeeding as Normal

Twenty years ago Diane Wiessinger challenged us to normalize breastfeeding in our language as well as our actions. Breastfeeding is not better, not optimal, not... More > about Imagining Breastfeeding as Normal

Breastfeeding is Normal

Breastfeeding is normal. Everyone knows that, right? In 1996, Diane Wiessinger published an article, “Watch Your Language!,” in which she challenged all of us to... More > about Breastfeeding is Normal

Public Health Begins with Breastfeeding

4/4/16 Staff News
National Public Health Week April 4-10, 2016 The theme of National Public Health Week 2016 is Healthiest Nation 2030. The US ranks 34th in life... More > about Public Health Begins with Breastfeeding