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Joanna R.’s Donor Milk Recipient Story

Joanna R.

A mother’s urge to feed her child is a primal one. Our identical twin daughters, Sasha and Jocelyn, were born at 36 weeks after what appeared to be an uncomplicated pregnancy. Right after their birth, we learned our daughters had

Nursing Rooms and NYC Politics

Amber testimony.

By Priya Nembhard Originally posted by our partner organization Moms Pump Here, 3/31/16  momspumphere.com/blog/entry/nursing-rooms-and-nyc-politics It almost seems like the words “nursing room” and “politics” do not belong in the same sentence. In a perfect world we would not have to think

David Newburg tests milk samples purchased on line

David Newburg

  Inside Edition interviews our very own Research Advisory Board Member, Professor David Newburg, who tests milk samples and concludes, “Seven of the eight samples acquired on the internet I would not feed to infants  Inside Edition article.  

Donor Story – Lindsey M. Link

Lindsey M Link - Donor - for blog

I remember the first day back at work after James was born like it was yesterday. I came loaded with my pump and supplies and had no idea what to expect. I ended up sitting in a bathroom that was

Donor Story – Stephanie Hansbury

Stephanie Hansbury - Donor - for blog

I had my daughter Giuliana in December of 2013. As a new mom I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding, but honestly had no clue as to how it might go. After a bit of a rocky start and a

Donor Story – Victoria Ferrantelli Wickman


I don’t need a pump since my daughter will be turning a year in a few weeks but let’s just say I’ve pumped in every courthouse bathroom in New York City in between oral argument or waiting to argue. I’m

Nichole’s Story – Challenges and empowerment

Breastfeeding and work - Let's make it work!

National Breastfeeding Month Breastfeeding, work, and milk donation: Making it work … and then some By Naomi Bar-Yam, Ph.D., Executive Director, MMBNE In 2014, HMBANA certified milk banks dispensed 3.77 million ounces of milk from over 6,800 donors from all

Donor Story: Jessica Scillieri Smith

Breast pumps

I pump at work and was able to donate! Pumping is the best part of the work day since I get to think about my daughter more. I’m pretty fortunate in that I am the supervisor in my office and