Baby Anthony’s Story


Photo credit: Amanda Saldarelli Photography

Anthony is a baby who received milk from MMBNE. His mother shared this story with Cynthia Cohen, our Director of Client Relations at the time of publication:

Anthony was born at 24 weeks and was a twin, but we lost his twin six days after birth.  Anthony had a very tough start to life.  He had multiple surgeries, one of which was for NEC—necrotizing enterocolitis, which is inflammation and infection of the small intestine.  This infection is common in premature babies since they cannot digest and break down milk proteins.  Anthony is not able to have anything other human breast milk.  We found this out after five long, stressful months; even the best formulas that work for other babies didn’t work for Anthony. I have been pumping since he was born but wasn’t producing enough, which led me to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast.

Cynthia and Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast have been so helpful.  I could not have come this far without them.  Anthony’s good health progress is attributed to pasteurized human breast milk.  My anxiety has subsided since I know that Anthony is getting the best possible source of nutrition. Thank you to all the mothers who donate human breast milk. You are truly making a difference, one tummy at a time!

Here is a photo of Anthony before he received milk from MMBNE:

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