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Milk donation (and even breastfeeding) may not be right for you. And that’s okay. One of our biggest goals here at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast? To increase awareness and understanding of donor milk. Life’s just better with options and you deserve to know yours whether you’re considering milk donation or short term supplementation.

Looking for a simple way to make a difference for fragile babies in your community? Need supplemental donor milk for your little one? Ready to take back that freezer? The answer might be simpler than you realize – support your local milk bank. Here’s why . . .

Support your local milk bank, save a life . . .

Many breast-feeding moms produce more milk than what is required to feed their own little one. In this case, donating to a non-profit milk bank such as Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is a great option.

Considered a limited medical resource, our donor milk is prioritized for the most medically fragile infants. Often preterm, these babies are typically being cared for in the NICU. For these high risk babies, human milk vastly reduces their risk of developing conditions like NEC – the most common cause of death in preemies after 2wks of age.

Recognition of the positive health outcomes related to donor milk has led to a shift in neonatal standards of care. For this reason, the majority of US-based NICUs now rely on pasteurized donor human milk (often provided by milk banks – we currently serve more than 100 hospitals in the region) to help care for their tiny charges.

When you give to our milk bank you help bring more babies home.

A healthier and happier you – and them . . .

When fortunate enough to have a steady supply of milk, we’re able to expand our reach and provide milk to other babies in need. While breastfeeding is natural it’s not always easy. We’re happy to help outpatient families who need short-term supplemental donor milk. For those who can and want to breastfeed, the use of donor milk helps achieve a successful outcome. And the evidence based benefits resulting from successful breastfeeding are dramatic.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who are breastfed have improved neurodevelopmental outcomes and better long-term physical and dental health outcomes. Not only that, but their risk of many medical conditions including SIDS, asthma, diabetes and leukemia significantly decreases. Bonus? Breastfeeding has benefits for mom too including reduced risk of certain cancers, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

When you give to our milk bank, you help make a positive impact in your community.

Donating your milk? It’s free and easy . . .

We know just how precious the gift of your milk is. We also understand that feeding your baby (and others) is the ultimate labor of love. Most non-profit milk banks will coordinate donations with you to make sharing your milk easy. Our dedicated team of trauma-informed intake professionals is here for you every step of the way.

Any costs associated with donating your milk are covered by us. Likewise, we’re more than happy to help ensure donors have everything they need. Shipping on your schedule? Additional milk storage bags? Someone to help answer any questions that may pop up? Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast has you covered.

Safety – setting the standard . . .

Before donating breast milk, donors are carefully screened. Generally, the first step is a phone call, during which health and lifestyle basics such as current medications and alcohol consumption are covered. Having passed the initial screening, written questionnaires and comprehensive blood tests are completed. Milk donors are also cleared by their physicians. Again, we happily cover these costs – the health of our donors and recipients is of utmost importance.

Nonprofit milk banks are not allowed to “recruit” donors. Instead, donors must reach out to us. Typically, moms learn about milk banking through medical professionals or word of mouth. Similarly, moms are not paid for their generous donations. An ethical element specific to the nonprofit sector, this ensures there is no financial incentive to limit the milk being received by a biological baby or otherwise.

Donor human milk is pasteurized to kill bacteria or viruses that may cause harm to a fragile baby. However, we use the Holder method, which retains as much of the good as possible while still inactivating the bad. Last but not least, Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is regulated and accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, the FDA and other health authorities.

With the majority of our milk being provided to NICUs, this level of care is crucial. Safety simply cannot be underestimated when feeding really tiny babies with compromised immune systems.

Of course, this also means that EVERY family choosing to use our milk receives the same gold standard in care. Truly knowing, understanding and feeling confident in what you’re feeding your little one matters.

Support your local milk bank, feel warm ‘n’ fuzzy . . .

Last but not least, donating your milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast can be a rewarding process. Nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from making a positive difference.

Want to learn more about milk banking? Simply click through to peep our (shareable!) guide or FAQ page. And for those who want to get the process started, fill out our pre-screening form.

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