Transforming My Birth Narrative through Donor Milk

Carla Lucia

By Jessica Daviso. Breastfeeding and breast milk donation to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast were actions that transformed the narratives of my pregnancy and childbirth from stories of disappointment and powerlessness into ones of empowerment and triumph. Before my husband and

Medical Laboratory Professionals

Ladies in the milk bank lab

Originally posted on April 29, 2016. We couldn’t do our work without them By Naomi Bar-Yam This week, April 24-30, is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. It is an opportunity to learn more about how lab professionals enhance health and save

Meet Lara and Mimi


The milk bank staff is friendly, flexible, and growing! Join us in welcoming a new staff member as well as an experienced one who’s taken on a new role. (Mimi in the photo to the left.) Lara Ullman is our

Donor Milk is a Bridge to Breastfeeding

photo of milk bottles

Mounting evidence is showing how donor milk helps mothers breastfeed when their babies are premature, their milk is delayed, or they otherwise have difficulty initiating breastfeeding. Mother of twins, Anna Treloar, shared with Fox61 her experience of participating in our

My Little Sunshine


Donating Through Grief: Gavin, “My Little Sunshine” By Cynthia Connery There will be a time in your life that you question your strength, your faith, and your ability to push through, regardless of how powerful you always thought you were. 

Getting Milk to Babies

Naomi Bar-Yam, Director of Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast

We love sharing stories from our amazing donors and recipients that illustrate how milk banking has affected their babies’ health and their families’ lives. It is not every day, however, that we share our milk bank’s story itself. We recently

Is Milk Exchange Normal?

National Public Health Week APril 3-9,2017

by Naomi Bromberg Bar-Yam Edited from original 2016 post. As we have discussed in our previous National Public Health Week blogs, breastfeeding is the biological norm. However, we have also always faced biologically abnormal situations such as physiological and medical

New Hospital Donor Milk Program in CT

Dontated milk group middlesex

The Middletown Press does a great job of explaining the importance of donor milk for babies in level two special care nurseries like the new program at Connecticut’s Middlesex Hospital. The hospital just received its first shipment in late February. Often life-saving for premature