A Bereaved Donor’s Thoughts on National Donor Day

By Amy Anderson National Donor Day was originally established in 1998 to coincide with Valentine’s Day. It is a day to not only think more about cherishing our loved ones but also a reminder to extend kindness to others by

Extremely Low Birth Weight, Premature Baby Thrives on Donor Milk Program

Bella Marie was born at just over one pound at the gestational age of 23 weeks and has thrived through significant prematurity-related challenges. Northwell Staten Island University Hospital documents how she was the first patient to receive pasteurized donor human milk.

Making the Dream True

Statue of MLK

Originally posted on January 18, 2016. by Naomi Bar-Yam Today we observe and celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Both of my parents were involved, individually and together, in the Civil Rights movement, including marching with Rev. King.

Young Nurses on a Mission: Starting a Donor Milk Program

Bridgeport nurses

By Jacquelyn Ferraro, BSN, RN, and Megan Murphy, BSN, RN The nurse residency program at Yale New Haven Health-Bridgeport Hospital is a year-long program that helps new graduate nurses learn about hospital services, gain confidence in their new roles, and

Mothers’ Milk Bank of Alabama Aims to Improve Infant Mortality Rates

Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast congratulates HMBANA and their sister milk bank in Alabama for the important work described in the below press release. Currently, the mortality rate among African American infants is three times higher than white infants. Along with being a bridge

Celebrating Breastfeeding Support in Zeros and Fives

Historic Milk Lab

A Brief Advocacy History by Naomi Bar-Yam Ph.D. For most of the world’s history, breastfeeding was the way babies ate. It did not require a social movement or national and international organizations to support, promote and protect it. Maybe some

Rich and Creamy

Our Preemie - Coloring book cover

Rich and Creamy for Our Preemie: Coloring Book for NICU Families Receiving Donor Milk We are proud to announce the publication of Rich and Creamy For Our Preemie, available in English and  Spanish. Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast Director and Human

URGENT: Join Us in Brooklyn to Stop Governor Cuomo from Vetoing Donor Milk Insurance Coverage Bill


Earlier this year, New York’s legislature joined California, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Utah plus Washington DC in passing a law mandating that Medicaid cover the costs of donor human milk when medically indicated for inpatient and outpatient babies. However, the