Donor Story: Emily Phillips

Emily Phillips - Donor

I am a working, tandem-nursing, breastmilk donating mom!

With my first born, I barely made it day to day with pumping for him once I returned to work. In his first 10 weeks of life, I supplemented often with formula. I wasn’t aware of the option of milk sharing. I vowed to donate if I was ever blessed with the ability to do so. I got pregnant with his sister when he was 18 months. We kept nursing even though I dried up at 22 weeks pregnant. I believe in full-term breastfeeding and he kept dry nursing for comfort until my colostrum came in at 33 weeks pregnant.

Once his sister was born, he was the leading reason I was able to build a great milk supply. His sister was tongue-tied and until her revision at three weeks old, I relied on him and my breast pump to keep my supply and express milk for her. I pump first thing every morning and that routine has proven easy and effective. I typically get about two feeds. I let my husband feed her a bottle and put a bag of five ounces or so in the freezer for donation.

I feel so blessed to be able to share my milk through an organization that I know values the gift and puts it to good use. During work days, I pump for my daughter at daycare, and I often think about how fortunate I am to have access to an office with a locked door, so that I can continue to pump for her for my minimum one-year goal.

I am packing up my first donation shipment this coming week. I am a type 1 diabetic and believe that breastmilk is the very best food for babies. It has incredible properties to set up newborns, especially those born early or sick, with the optimal start in life. I am so glad I can help. Thank you for helping me to help others.

Screening to become a breast milk donor is done through an easy four-step process. Once accepted for donation, milk can be shipped door-to-door or through one of our donor milk depots throughout the Northeast.