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Breast milk donor Rachel Wilson writes on Boston Moms Blog about her experience and how human milk serves as medicine for premature and fragile babies in the NICU and well nurseries.

I don’t particularly enjoy pumping. I don’t like washing the bottles and the pump parts with all of their tiny crevices. But it’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve had a hand in giving a teeny tiny baby his or her best possible chance at health.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your perspective and for donating your breast milk to help others. We were delighted to greet you at our milk bank. Visits like yours remind us of how we serve together every day working to share the health.

Donate breast milk - mom with kids

To learn more about the four, easy steps to becoming a milk donor, check out our Donate page. Our blog has many additional stories about giving and receiving milk, including articles like this one.

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