Seven Years of Milk Donation

Family of five donating milk for seven years

My name is Lindsey McEvoy, and I have three children: Kaylee (six), Layna (four), and Kevin (four months). During my first pregnancy seven years ago, I did not know what breastfeeding or pumping would entail. However, I knew the health benefits and that it was something I wanted to do.  

How My Journey Started

I had a smooth pregnancy and delivery at Sharon Hospital in March 2016 and immediately had a successful breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately, a week later, I struggled with what I later learned was a bit of an oversupply. I decided to reach back out to the wonderful lactation specialists at the Maternity Unit at Sharon Hospital. They provided me with an abundance of information, even helping me get involved with their breastfeeding group.  

They also informed me about the amazing opportunity to donate my excess breast milk through Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast. I will forever be grateful for the Sharon Hospital staff’s guidance in helping me be successful with breastfeeding and introducing me to milk donation. 

Mommy and Kaylee at donating milk at Sharon Hospital for World Breastfeeding Week August 2017

Mommy and Kaylee at Sharon Hospital for World Breastfeeding Week August 2017 

Continuing the Journey

My two subsequent births were at a birthing center with the wonderful and caring midwives at Connecticut Childbirth & Women’s Center in Danbury, Connecticut. They also partner with Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast and are a drop-off site for donations. I am confident that if I did not know about milk banking before going to the birth center, they would have guided me to succeed with breastfeeding and donation as well! 

When I first reached out to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast a few months after giving birth to my first baby, I was nervous that it would be a tedious and time-consuming process. As a new working mother, I thought it would be difficult or impossible for me to complete. I was amazed by how easy and quick the entire process was. It continued to astonish me for my following two donation experiences. I often tell those around me how easy donating milk is! 

I am all about transparency when it comes to the trials of motherhood. When I share how easy it is to donate my extra milk, I make sure to share how much of a commitment and effort I put in every day to maintain my oversupply. It is important to me that I produce enough milk to feed my babies, while also helping other mothers and their little ones by sharing my milk with them. Donating holds a special place in my heart! All the time that I have spent pumping is well worth it to me. I have spent a lot of time, in many places, attached to my trusted pump. Maintaining my supply was very important to me. I worked hard to keep it up each day ⁠— even during my 55-hour workweeks. I am now fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mother. 

Baby Kevin donating milk for the 4th time

Baby Kevin’s recent 4th donation 


This latest journey after the birth of my third and final baby has been a little different. Looking back at the last four months, it surprises me that maintaining an oversupply and pumping presents more of a challenge at home than when I was working. Creating a pumping, eating or sleep schedule with three children at home has been a lot of work. Still, these efforts are important to me, so I will keep putting the time and effort in as long as possible. I try to soak up every moment of this journey, knowing it will be my last. 

I am thankful every day for having the tools and support necessary to make all this possible. To my husband Kyle, I am especially grateful, for the tremendous emotional and physical support he has provided me over the last six years. He helps me in many ways: washing all the bottles and pump parts, bagging and freezing the milk, taking the long drive over to my work at crazy hours if I forgot pump pieces, assisting my night feeds and pumping sessions, and providing endless words of encouragement daily. I am also thankful to all the staff at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast who make my donations easy and successful, and for this opportunity to share my story. I will continue to tell every new mother about this milk bank and hopefully inspire others to have a successful breastfeeding and donation journey! 

Layna and big sister Kaylee donating milk in October 2018

A donation from Layna from October 2018, with help from big sister Kaylee 

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