A Tribute for Life After Loss

Life after Loss: growing around grief - memorial milk donation quilt

A Tribute for Life After Loss

Hope After Loss is a Connecticut based nonprofit that supports families who have lost a baby. They believe that no one should grieve alone, and they provide a safe and compassionate space for families to express and experience a deeply personal loss. Recently they asked our Executive Director, Deborah Youngblood, to write a blog for their newsletter, introducing milk donation to their families. Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast has been working with bereaved donors since we were founded, and we know how meaningful these gifts can be. If you, or someone you love, is facing the loss of baby, please know we are here to support you and so are our colleagues at Hope After Loss.  

A Tribute for Life after Loss 

When we lose someone precious, that someone holds a piece of our heart, making the grief immense. The conjoining of pain and love may lead one to want to honor their child by providing life-giving nourishment to another. Such a decision is deeply personal and is neither expected nor possible for all moms who lose a baby. While donating milk after losing a beloved pregnancy or infant is not the right choice for everyone, many mothers find meaning and comfort in knowing that their milk can save another child’s life. 

Mothers who want to explore this option can reach out to Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast. One of our compassionate Donor Intake counselors will speak with you, helping you determine if milk donation is a good fit. Any amount of milk is greatly appreciated, and our trained specialists provide support to bereaved donors at every step of the process.  

Donor milk is a precious medical resource for medically fragile babies. It is frequently used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units to protect pre-term and/or medically complex babies against medical conditions they are especially susceptible to, some of which are life-threatening. The gift of milk is the gift of health.  

Once a mother becomes a donor, her baby’s name is placed on a leaf on a beautiful memorial tree quilt in our office. We have a special series of blog posts where bereaved donors share their experiences and publicly memorialize their babies.  

Bereaved parents hold a special place in our hearts. If you are here because you lost your baby or someone you know has lost their baby, please accept our deepest sympathies. 

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