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Lakeisha’s Recipient Story

Lakeisha's very cute kids

When I had my daughter in 2009, breastfeeding didn’t go as planned. I had an emergency c-section and some trauma that resulted in her being bottle fed formula before I ever had the chance to put her to my breast.

New York Donor Milk Coverage from NY1

News channel New York 1 visited our latest donor milk depot in Manhattan, Explore + Discover NY, and interviewed recipient and donor mothers about their experience. Watch the clip here.  

WCVB: Moms Donating Extra Milk

WCVB features MMBNE recipient family and explains how our donor milk is used in the NICU, including an interview with MMBNE Director Naomi Bar-Yam. Watch the story here.

Baby Anthony’s Story


  Photo credit: Amanda Saldarelli Photography Anthony is a baby who received milk from MMBNE. His mother shared this story with Cynthia Cohen, our Recipient and Production Coordinator: Anthony was born at 24 weeks and was a twin, but we lost