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NICU warrior Idris and family

From NICU Warrior To Explorer

Excited to meet her son, Jamie went into labor on a quiet Friday evening. Fast forward (or not) 42 hours and little Idris made his much-anticipated world debut. Sadly, it wasn’t long before... More > about From NICU Warrior To Explorer

Our Latest Milk Dispensary

Nuestro Mas Último Dispensario De Leche There’s a brand new milk dispensary in town . . . If you’ve been checking the ‘gram, then chances are... More > about Our Latest Milk Dispensary

Milk Banks & Breast Milk . . .

Milk banks & breast milk – a few fun facts . . . If you’re anything like us then scrolling through adorable baby photos and... More > about Milk Banks & Breast Milk . . .

Breastfeeding – It’s A Journey

Breastfeeding – it’s a journey and sometimes that journey is a little difficult . . . Dealing with gestational hypertension and increased monitoring for pre-eclampsia,... More > about Breastfeeding – It’s A Journey

Human Milk And Father’s Day Plans

Human milk, useless nipples, and Father’s Day plans . . . It was just last year that Katie and Sean became the exceptionally proud parents... More > about Human Milk And Father’s Day Plans

NEC – Everything You Should Know

NEC – a complex (and all too common) condition . . . More formally known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis, NEC is an intestinal disease that primarily... More > about NEC – Everything You Should Know

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